Forum contributions as of 12-1-2015

Some students said that they couldn't access the course page showing the rank ordered list of students contributions, so I'm attaching a static image of the page here.  You can also see your up-to-date total by going to your profile page, which lists your contributions.  By the end of the semester you should have approximately 26-30 contributions that represent activies in the course discussion forums (i.e., not uploads of homeworks), assuming two contributions a week for at least 13 weeks of the semester.

Peer reviewing

To make the task of peer reviewing easier, I updated the spreadsheet showing Wikipedia articles and students working on them. The column labeled "link to your Wikipedia article" takes you to the URL of the live Wikipedia article you are editing or commenting on.

Ideo videos


In Thursday's class, we'll continue our discussion about how Ideo designed itself to routine innovation. Although assigned for Tuesday's class, if you haven't yet read it, make sure you come to Thurday's class having careful read the Hargadon & Sutton analysis of Ideo:

Hargadon, A. & Sutton, R. Technology brokering and innovation in a product development firm. (1997). Administrative Science Quarterly, 42, 716-749.

Update Wikipedia spreadsheet

Please update the spreadsheet showing the  list of student names & WP usernames by Sunday.  Make sure that I correctly identified project teams.  Column A has a team number.  Make sure that each team has the right students associated with it and that column G contains the link to the article that your team will be revising. 

Assess your online participation

You can get a rough idea of how you are doing in your online discussion by clicking this link.  This shows the number of forum posts and comments you have created.  However, a few of these posts were uploaded homework assignments. 

Looking for a partner for the visual technology homework?

If you are looking to find a partner for the homework assignment due tomorrow, you can announce your availability  by posting a message in this forum: Find a communication technology essay partnerYou can also put your name in the spreadsheet link here 

Shifted due dates for technology essays

Because we didn't cover enough of the background in today's class, I've shifted the due dates for the two short essays on technology for distributed work.  The assignment is described here.  Part 1 of the assignment is a joint essay written by two students and is due  midnight, Wed 10/14.  Part 2 is a solo essay and due midnight Sun 10/18.

Don't have a WP partner yet?

Please send me email if you don't yet have a partner for your Wikipedia assignment.  In addition, add yourself to the spreadsheet showing the  list of student names & WP usernames.  Put "Partner needed" in the partner column.  I will help you with match making.  

Update table linking your name with your Wikipedia ID

Please make sure your information in the Google spreadsheet linking names and Wikipedia userids  (List of student names & WP usernames) is accurate. Every student in the class should you have a row linking your name with your Wikipedia user name, but so far only 15 of the 25 students in the class are listed .

Updated reading for 9/17

In rereading the material for Sep 19, I decided that the Zaleznik, A. (1977) article didn't provide enough value to include as a required reading,  Instead I substituted 

Compare-good-and-bad-team assignment

Identify two groups you’ve worked on or observed, where you think one was substantially better than the other.  Write a short essay of no more than 600 word explaining why one was better than the other.  Be explicit about the outcome(s) you are using as the basis of your evaluation.

Wikipedia assignments due dates

When you have Wikipedia work assigned during a week, you should complete and turn in the work on the next Sunday at 6PM. For example, for Week 2 (9/6-9/12), you need to create your Wikipedia user account and complete the Online Training for Students.  This work should be done by 6PM on Sunday 9/13.

No class Tues 9/15

Reminder that there is no class scheduled for Tues 9/15, because I will be out for Rosh Hashanah. rek

Getting your Wikipedia training certificate

A couple of students completed the Wikipedia training, but the dashboard wasn't showing this.  In this case, the problem was that they didn't make the  'training completed' edit at the end of the training:  

fixed Thompson chapter

The original scan of 

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