Update table linking your name with your Wikipedia ID

Please make sure your information in the Google spreadsheet linking names and Wikipedia userids  (List of student names & WP usernames) is accurate. Every student in the class should you have a row linking your name with your Wikipedia user name, but so far only 15 of the 25 students in the class are listed .  If you have identified an editing partner and the Wikipedia article you will be improving, include a link to it in the" Your Wikipedia article URL" column in the  spreadsheet as well.

By this time in the semester, here are the component of the Wikipedia assignment you should have completed:

  1. Created a Wikipedia account & user page, and enrolled in Communication in Groups & Organizations on the Wikipedia educational portal. 
  2. Listed 3 to 5 course-relevant Wikipedia articles that need work and that you might like to work on to the course Wikipedia discussion forum.
  3. Added 1–2 sentences of new information, backed up with a citation to an appropriate source, to a Wikipedia article related to the class.
  4. Selected a Wikipedia article to work on and partner to work with, and started planning improvements.