Wiki Topics Compiled (and calling for partner)

1. Interpersonal perception, an area of research in social psychology, is only briefly introduced. The article contains a short list of phenomenons studied, but only the names and basic definitions of those phenomenons. It could be expanded and include a systematic decription of the methodologies. 


2. Chaos theory in organizational development. Given that chaos theory in organizational development is just a subset of more general chaos theory, the article is still rather short. The various references do not provide a sufficient supplementation to the article. 


3. Strategic planning. This article itself is moderately well developed. Still, articles such as Long range planning and Strategy implementation could be merged into this article for a more comprehensive picture. 


I do not have a partner yet. Anyone who is interested in the above topics please do contact me!~ We can also work on your favourite topic or choose a new topic. I am not the best writer in the world, but I do believe I am more or less a diligent one. Feel free to e-mail me about the assignment or anything :) 

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