Wikipedia Topics This is a topic from personality psychology that also has implications for leadership. The page is sparse and requires more citations and content (there is a Neo-Marxist section that is completely empty). Despite being a very well known word, the page for Panic is one section that uses primarily one source. More sources and information could be added as well as organizing the existing content into catagories. This is the page that I did edit. Habituation is a very importaint concept for any kind of psychology but most of the article appears to be a first draft. I added a couple sentences to the end of drug habituation to clarify that despite usage in the UN, one can become physically and psychologically habituated to most drugs, and added a source to back up my statement. This is possibly the least relevant to the class, Thanatos is a modern name for what Freud called the "death drive", or the desire for an end to life. The page is well done but it should be noted that Thanatos is the inspiration for the primary villain of the upcoming super-blockbuster Agengers: Infinity War (his name is Thanos and he loves death itself). 

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