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Team Effectiveness -

This page has a lot of room for added research. With all the articles we read about team dynamics and what type of team chemistry is most effective in what environment, there is more room to add research from articles we have read. Team effectiveness has different meaning in different environments, whether it is within an organization or on a sports team. It would be interesting to explore the different environments. 


Business Networking -

This topic has very little information on it and could really use some of the information we learn about in class. We focus so much on how organizations function, that it could be useful to look further into how business networking works in the real world. 


Social Relation -

This topic also has very little information on wikipedia. Learning how individuals interact and the type of relationships they can form especially in a business environment is important. I think a lot of the material we look at in class can help give more information about how individuals interact in the business world. Even focussing on some sort of subset of this topic in relation to the business environment could help give a better idea of the types of social relationships in an organization. For example how a middle man or broker function in an organization. 

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Hi Allison, 

I was wondering if we could partner together to edit the Team Effectiveness article. I think its a great one to use since we have a lot of readings that relate to it. 

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