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Belief Bias (

This wikipedia page does not have a lot of information and definitely can improve by adding more research to the page. Belief Bias is essnetially the tendency to judge the strength of arguments bassed on the plausibility of their conclusion rather they how stronly they support that conclusion. This is important in terms of Organizational Communication because often in group settings, members of the group need to communicate their ideas and they could falsely judge the strength of someones argument due to this reason. Many readings we have done relate to group work and it was be interesting to explore belief bias in this manner.

Audience effect (

As shown on the page, this article needs more work with the citations. Moreover to improve this article, I would take what we learned in the readings we've done on groups performing tasks and contribute that to this page. To improve the article, I would cite those radings as reliable sources. 

Social Facilitation (

This topic is definitely important when it comes to group work and activities. Social facilitation is essentially the tendency for people to do better on simple tasks when in the presence of others; whenever people are being watched by others, they will do well on things that they are already good at doing. This is important to consider in group work. Moreover, to improve this article, I would consider merging audience effect with this article, that way this page would have more depth on the topic and explore the different effects and biases that can occur with social facilitation.

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